Dear business partner,

We are very concerned about the current situation in Ukraine.

Since day one, the suffering of these people has been immeasurable.
But also the economic consequences are no longer predictable and assessable.

We are facing an incalculable, difficult situation.
Steel pipe prices have increased by ~ 80% within 24 hours!
At the same time, all raw material deliveries from Eastern Europe have been suspended.

For this reason, we are currently unable to make any reliable statements
regarding prices and delivery times for individual product groups.

We are working hard to maintain our raw material supplies
in order to remain able to deliver.

In the current situation, however, we cannot predict whether
deliveries of individual existing orders may be temporarily stopped.

We are all affected by the consequences of this senseless war, so it is all the more important that we all stick
together and deal with the consequences in an understanding manner.

It remains our top priority to remain a reliable partner for you as a customer during this time, as possible and hope for your understanding.

Ihr Cordes-Team

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