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Cordes - Storage and transport devices
 Storage and transport devices - Development and production
Cordes - Storage and transport devices

The textile container

Clothes container
Dimensions W: 1150 D: 1150 H: 2200
Underclearance: 90 mm.
Hot-dip galvanized sheet steel.
Order No. ac-115.001
The clothes container is specially designed for collecting textiles in public places. Sturdy removal door with inside locking mechanism and integrated lock securing device. Theft-proof insertion opening. Entry by unauthorized persons,
theft and risk of injury are ruled out. Simple operation.
Textile container
Ext. dimensions W: 2000 D: 1500 H: 1900
Int. dimensionsW: 1920 D: 1420 H: 1700
  Load cap.:
Top load:
stackable 3-high
Underclearance: 95 mm.
Front door expandable by means of slide-in elements, high-quality synthetic resin paint, blue RAL 5012.
Order No. sl-200.000
The textile container serves the purpose of sorting, separating and reutilizing used clothing and was specially produced for textile recycling. Up to four wire mesh inserts are available for the front.