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Cordes - Storage and transport devices
 Storage and transport devices - Development and production
Cordes - Storage and transport devices


1960 : The company Cordes GmbH was founded by Werner Cordes, cabinet maker.
1960 : First rollplate patented: The Möbelhund®.
1965 : First folding Rollbox developed and presented: The KA-Corlette®.
1969 : Parcel-Rollbox developed for the German Post.
1977 : Corlette product scope extended to cover for example: Standard-Colette® Universal Colette® Furniture Colette®. Bicycle,Colette® Safe-Colette®.
1981 : Begins manufacturing products later to become the Variofit product range.
1984 : Cordes GmbH expansion with 4 main production sites with an overall turnover in excess of 10 million German Marks.
1988 : The Cordes GmbH product range receives the safety certification from the German authorities (TÜV).
1990 : Furnibox developed for use in automatic high storage warehousing.
1994 : Production sites extended to include a subsidiary company in Poland. This subsidiary company has now become a part of Cordes GmbH.
1997 : Werner Cordes retires, his son Martin Cordes receives new ownership.
2000 : Innaugeration of a sub company Transko GmbH for logistics service provision.
2001 : The Cordes GmbH product range receives the certification DIN ISO 9001 from the German authorities.
Today : The Cordes group maintains over 550 employees and has an annual turnover in excess of 20 million Euros.


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