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Cordes - Storage and transport devices
 Storage and transport devices - Development and production
Cordes - Storage and transport devices

Corlette Play it safe:
no more complaints

From the time the goods are received until they leave the warehouse: once it is securely placed on the FurniBox®, direct contact with your furniture ceases in the warehouse. In this way even the most sensitive items can be moved, stored and stacked in the warehouse safely and quickly and delivered in complete consignments – without any risk of damage. The fact that the FurniBox® can additionally be folded up without any problem after use makes it even more attractive. Its many years of experience in logistics make it a reliable partner in all situations. Whether in a low-rise or block store, high rack or combination warehouse, the Corlette® stores and transports whatever you wish well protected and securely. The Corlette® is perfect, even for state-of-the-art, computer-controlled high-bay warehouses.

We have ten good reasons that will convince you to use the Corlette® successfully in your warehouse.
We will, of course, be glad to support you in picking out the right Corlette® for your warehouse logistics.
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